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Scent Bomb Air Freshener

Scent Bomb Air Freshener products were developed to be the best quality air fresheners that money can buy. We offer unique and addicting fragrances that last and last! Our current line of products include sprays, Scent Pouches, and water based concentrates.

Scent Bomb Concentrated Air Freshener 1oz and 2oz Bottles

Scent Bomb air fresheners are the real thing! This is not your typical diluted air freshener that smells weak and fades out in a day. Scent Bomb is powerful 100% oil based air freshener that will give you a long lasting smell! Just a couple sprays on the floor mats of your car or in the bathroom trash can keeps it fresh for days. You do not have to keep spraying over and over. Try it and see that one spray will blow you away! We Dare You To Try It? If you don't agree that it is the best, we will send you your MONEY BACK! We guarantee that Scent Bomb will be the BEST air freshener that you have ever tried. If you do not agree, you can simply return the product for a full refund with no questions asked! Each scent will smell just like you expect and will last for days

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Scent Bomb Scent Pouch

The Scent Bomb Scent Pouch is perfect for the home, office, or car. The Scent Pouch is a drawstring bag filled with scent crystals of your favorite fragrance. Simply place the pouch in the area where you want lasting fragrance and enjoy. The small Scent Pouch will last for 30 days and the large Scent Pouch will last up to 60 days! The drawstring is elastic, so it stretches to fit around door handles and mirrors. You can place them under the seat of the car, on a desk, on the door handle in the bathroom, or under a bed. The Scent Pouches are available in all the same fragrances as the Scent Bomb Air Freshener bottles.

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Scent Bomb Water Based Concentrate

Scent Bomb Concentrated Air Fresheners are now available in WATER BASED CONCENTRATES! One 16oz bottle will mix with water to make up to two gallons of ready to use product. This is a perfect solution for car washes and auto detailers!

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Scent Bomb Odor Eliminator

Scent Bomb Odor Eliminator is a powerful water based product that utilizes bacteria eating enzymes to neutralize odors. This is not a product that will simply cover up the smell, it actually eliminates odors! It can be used to remove odors from homes, vehicles, office, and anywhere else that needs to be fresh. It works to remove odors caused by URINE, VOMIT, SMOKE, MILDEW, and more!

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